Vision without action is a Daydream. Action without vision is a Nightmare

April 17, 2020
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Vision without action is a Daydream. Action without vision is a Nightmare

We launched Digital Confluent, with the mindset to address the biggest issue faced by companies today:

“Gap in Strategy-to-Execution”

Having worked across different types of clients, ranging from start-ups to well established brands, we have found the one consistent thing with all successful brands — they are committed to their identity.

Within all successful brands, the entire company is clear with their vision and objective, and above all they are very clear with what their internal marketing capabilities are. In short, they are aware of the areas they should be focusing their team’s effort on and where they need help. This ability to identify the internal capabilities early on and investing in the right partnerships means that they do not waste their time trying to find a solution to a problem that they may not be able to tackle themselves. Instead, they are focused on building their own brand and differentiating it in the market with their product and services they offer while partners like us help them bridge the gap from the business strategy to marketing execution.

We have identified 3 strategic ways to establish our partnership with brands to build a brand for future:

1. Translate Strategy into Meaningful Execution for Day-to-Day Operations

A clear mission and actionable business plan is created by the senior management. We work with the business leaders to focus on their mission and break it into day-to-day operations for marketing and data/insights. We help the brand with its tactical marketing strategy to achieve the overall objective by providing them specialist teams. Internal teams usually lack a channel specialist since there are 1 or 2 people working across all channels. This leaves them with a generalist approach and not a channel expert approach. They lack the ability to convert the business strategy into marketing plan and marketing plan into day-to-day actions for quick, accurate and desired results

2. Company Culture — The Factor that Fuels Success

Another key factor for a successful business is the company culture. Our clients focus on achieving their goals by having an open partnership with us. We determine the tasks and identify who can execute them. The internal team is best placed to lead some tasks with our support. It is imperative to build trust and partnership, where we work with each other to find a solution as opposed to 2 separate approaches internal and external. An integrated approach is the most crucial point of differentiation which in turn helps eliminate the blame culture.

3. Pro-actively Shape the Brand Future with Data

A positive culture and clear business strategy helps us to shape the execution by being pro-active with our brand partners. Supporting key stakeholders within a business by identifying opportunities through data-insight & market analysis. Thereby, we aim to be more pro-active and innovative in our marketing approach to deliver the objective with an ambition to stretch beyond the targets too.

We at Digital Confluent have had the opportunity to work with some of the most successful brands and have helped them in building a framework from strategy-to-execution.

If you are interested in advice or guidance around business-marketing strategy or would like us to help you define a framework to realise your growth plans, do not hesitate to contact us at

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