We interpret your data into actions that make commercial sense.
Driving sustainable business growth, we uncover what drives your customer’s behaviour and predict their future actions with accuracy. With unrivalled market experience and data science, we focus not just on new customer acquisition, but making every customer more valuable to you.

We help our clients in building a strong customer experience for their customer with simple formula:

Understanding customer behaviour + listening to their responses = actioning their feedback


The company’s ability to provide value to their customers lies in their ability to integrate data and insight with marketing. We support our clients with this journey where every decision, every suggestion and strategy are based on data and insight.


In today’s connected world, customers expect a seamless experience from device to store/ online to channels. They demand personalised experience at every step of their journey. We help our client achieve this with marketing automation based on deep learning and Machine learning/AI.


Customer Analytics

Customer analytics is the process of studying customer data accumulated across departments in a company, for assessing, understanding and interpreting customer behavior across the various stages in their buying journey.

Additionally, customer analytics helps with:

  • Helps you increase customer response to promotions, strengthens customer loyalty and consequently boosts sales revenues

  • Tightens your overall campaign cost by letting you focus on buyers who are most likely to make a purchase / perform a desired action

  • Helps you identify unsatisfied customers and prevent brand detraction

Conversion Analytics

Conversion analysis is the process of determining the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through various channels against the defined target/KPIs.

We help with funnel analysis, we analyse spot where users are leaving client’s website and then help optimising it and increasing conversion.

Additionally, conversion analytics helps with:

  • Help in finding the high-traffic, high-exit pages where people are leaving

  • Determine where high-quality visitors come from

  • Understand what is happening between events and pages

Predictive Analytics

Through our advanced data science, analyse current and historical data to make predictions about future. We analyse the performance of each channel for customer segments and move budget for effective performance.

We link data and activate insights by connecting them back to marketing channels to boost performance. We eliminate guess work and optimise towards KPIs based on customer lifetime value.

Additionally, Predictive analytics help with:

  • Help optimising marketing campaign
  • Predict customer behaviour
  • Personalise content
  • Accurate reporting


Bidding Scripts

We create scripts based on the KPIs set for each of our client and the analysis of customer behaviour to ensure we automate the bidding process.

Shopping Scripts

We automate most time consuming tasks like product grouping, adding negatives, bidding at keyword level etc. for shopping.

Housekeeping Scripts

We build scripts to automate the best practice housekeeping stuffs to monitor all accounts and ensuring there is no human error.



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