Data Need To Be Part Of Your Strategy

Floom Ltd. wanted to expand the Digital Marketing activity, however they had a target of £16 blended (all paid channels) CPA, where as previously they were achieving CPA target of £35.

Floom’s target of £16 blended CPA was a big challenge as there were many limitation. Floom ltd. is a market place of local florist. Florist are in a fixed location, whereas customers are spread around the world.

Strategy tested:

When we took over the account, it was very clear that we have lot of opportunity, however expanding the activity to those opportunity also meant increased cost. The only way we could achieve the target CPA of £16 while also exploring new opportunity was by optimising the right traffic to the site.

We had 2 step strategy: 

  1. Expanding Current performing areas:
    • Top market given it’s own campaign within ROW
    • ROW – London Campaign Launch
    • Area level landing page – deep linking
    • Bidding Strategy – Day parting reviewed (bid when people are searching)
  1. Expanding Current performing areas:
    • Launched shopping campaign – both in Google and Bing
    • Basket Abandon retargeting – both as display and FB, triggered an action by identifying the motivation of customers – free delivery or 10% discount


With the above strategy, we managed to achieve the blended CPA target of £16. We also reduced the CPC by 41% and increased conversion by 149%.

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